About Off Broadway Kids Performing Arts

At Off Broadway, we believe all students should have a chance to “shine.” Our students are encouraged to explore singing, dancing and acting and experience all facets of the performing arts.

With an emphasis on Musical Theatre, Off Broadway  not only offers traditional dance instruction, but we also offer Acting, Musical Theatre, Broadway Movement and other theatre based classes. This helps each student be the best performer he or she can be whether it is in a school drama or professional theatre.

Our studio prides itself on being a place where every child gets an equal chance. No parts are given based on seniority or how many classes a child takes - performing opportunities are given to everyone who shows an interest. Every student is a STAR in our studio.




As featured on FOX 5 Atlanta:

“But at the dance theater, one thing you won’t find is drama,” says Fox 5 Atlanta.

If you’re looking for Dance Moms, you’re in the wrong place. Shannon helps theater parents encourage their children’s talents without becoming overbearing.